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August 16 2023

        This handbook is designed to give you information and to answer any questions you may have about Faria, its schedule, procedures, and policies.  We have migrated the handbook fully to this website so that you can use the search function to easily find sections of interest.  Also the website can be fully translated to the language of your choice. 

I look forward to the upcoming year filled with learning and growth for all.


Mary Enright, Principal

School Procedures

School Services

Student Activities

Responsibilities and Faria Alternative School Contracts

Operational and Implementation Guidelines for Faria's Philosophy

The following section of the Faria Academics Plus Handbook is an amplification of the philosophy statement. It details many aspects of daily practice within the school in a formal policy. Development of this policy has been a joint effort of the parents and staff through the meetings of the School Site Council.

Procedures for handling suggestions or concerns about School Policies