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I am so excited that you are checking out everything that we have to offer when it comes to great reading, fun information, and online resources. If you would like to contact me, Ms. Agarwal

Sometimes you are doing research and you need some good, reliable places to get your information (Wikipedia is interesting and fun, but NOT considered reliable). These links are “Mrs. Halford Approved”. This means that I have selected them & that the Faria teachers have also reviewed them as acceptable. Or maybe you want something fun or just to boost your learning? I’ve got those too! The Internet has so much to offer, you just want to make sure it is appropriate for you. If you are not sure whether or not to go to a site, ask your parents. Also, if you have any suggestions for additional links, please email me with them!

Cool Research and Informational Sites: 
National Geographic Kids 
Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) 
Scholastic News
Time for Kids 
Your Dictionary  

Fun and Interesting Sites:
BrainPop Jr. (for K-3) 
Discovery Kids 
Disney Games
Knowledge Adventure
PBS KidsSeussville
Sports Illustrated Kids  

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